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A skilled graphic designer seamlessly blending childhood passion for animated shows with a love for cutting-edge technology. Armed with an associate's degree from the College of San Mateo and currently on the visual communication design journey at San Francisco State University, he navigate the digital realm with Adobe apps. Crafting minimalist designs is their forte, distilling intricate ideas into visually striking masterpieces.

Known for more than just design, Wilhelm builds lasting connections with clients. Specializing in bespoke logos and website designs, they weave narratives that resonate with brand essence and target audiences. His design philosophy? Less is more. It's all about enhancing user experiences and letting messages shine through. As he look to the future, Wilhelm is eager to push the boundaries of art and technology, honing his skills for designs that stand the test of time. Dive into his portfolio to witness a fusion of art and tech, where each creation leaves a lasting imprint.


As a skilled digital illustrator and branding designer, I excel in creating visually compelling designs that capture the essence of a brand. I am passionate about using technology to enhance my work and ensure that the end product is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. My collaborative approach to working with clients enables me to generate new and innovative design styles that align with their unique brand representation. With a proven track record of delivering quality design solutions on time and within budget, I am confident in my ability to exceed expectations and deliver results that drive business success.

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