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Predicting the Unpredictable

Over the past two decades, technological predictions have been fascinating. Some futuristic predictions have come true, while others have remained distant dreams. Our tech-driven world has been shaped by some hits and misses.

AI used to be just a speculative wonder, but now it's changing everything. Though its evolution has been incredible, job displacement worries loom. Employees have been rattled by the threat of automation, underscoring the need to reevaluate skill sets. Wireless technology is another visionary concept that's taken off. It was Nikola Tesla's pioneering work that laid the foundation for wireless power transmission, and recent developments in resonant coupling have boosted it. Self-driving cars, a fantasy of decades past, are becoming a reality. In the near future, autonomous vehicles will become a reality thanks to technological advancements in the automobile industry. Unfulfilled promises abound among these triumphs. It's hard to make flying cars a reality because of infrastructure limitations and high costs. As well, Steve Ballmer's skepticism about the iPhone's potential market share rings hollow today, considering Apple's meteoric rise in technology.

Education is about to change in the future. Despite the abundance of information, determining credibility can be tough. As the pandemic accelerates the shift to online education, we're headed for a digital future. Tools like Chat GPT suggest a potential shift in how we search for information as technology evolves. While Chat GPT's AI is amazing, it raises questions about its role in education. A key distinction is that it's a source of inspiration, not a crutch for plagiarism. The digital landscape is changing fast, so embracing technology, including AI, is essential.

Newer advancements in technology will undoubtedly change our lives. It's important to adapt to these changes and use technology responsibly. Human innovation propels us into an era where limitless possibilities await, where even the wildest predictions might one day come true.

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