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Journey To Develop 21st-Century Skills Through Blogging

Blogging is like an open book where you can write your thoughts and emotions and let your voice to be heard. I've never really thought of blogging again. The last time that I wrote a blog was when I was on my darkest days, but this time it's all about building my career professionally. I plan to document my journey at San Francisco State University and showcase my design work for my future clients and the company that I'm going to be working with.

Here's a video about blog:

Now, here are my thoughts about the 21st Century skills about blogging, and the awesome way to develop and show off these skills:

Communication Skills:

Blogging lets you communicate with the world where you can share your knowledge, ideas, and updates with people. This is a great way to do better with your writing skills and connecting with your audience.

Critical Thinking and Creativity:

When blogging, thinking critically is a must where you start to organize ideas, research, and by coming up with creative solutions to issues. This a freat way to excercise our brains.

Building an Audience:

Blogging helps us to build our own audience and these people will support and help us grow personally and professionally. Your inputs are important especially if these are informative to help people understand your contents. Today, it is important for your audience to know you, and not by just what you know.

Responsibility and Ethics:

The internet is a big place, and whatever you put out there can create a big impact. So, it is important for you to be responsible and ethical online. Always remember to "think before you click."

From now on, blogging can be one of my escape to develop my 21st Century Learning Skills and shaping my future career. I'm looking forward to be heard and share my thoughts out there. I know that there'll be challenges online, but I know that it's all part of our digital adventure.

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